Awesome try! swift first day session about Core Animation)

(This is translation of previous post)

I started to use which was introduced on Session "Advanced Graphics with Core Animation" at try! Swift first day.
And it's really awesome.


It's debugging tool for iOS / tvOS app. We can confirm view hierarchy and edit view properties using this Mac App. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160305152841p:plain

What we can do with this app?

Confirm views hierarchy and properties

You can confirm views hierarchy using this app, and you can confirm actual components at left side outline. So, you can understand the cause of a layout bug immediately. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160305161105p:plain

Edit view properties

You can edit AutoLayout, font, font size, and so on, so you can accelerate design adjustment. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160305161111p:plain

How to download it?

You can download it from here, start 30-days free trial from Download, and pricing are as below.

  • student($59)
  • Personal($89)
  • Commercial(Company or Organization)($179)

How to integrate into your Project

  • add pod 'Reveal-iOS-SDK', :configurations => ['Debug'] on your Podfile
  • run pod install
  • Build your app with device
  • Open during your app is active
  • Select Inspect your apps f:id:nerd0geek1:20160305152800p:plain

That's all!!


You can confirm this from Help > Integration Guide > Important Information of

  • The Reveal service will stop automatically while the iOS or tvOS host app is not the frontmost app.
  • Reveal uses Bonjour to connect with the running iOS or tvOS application.