create App icon with Sketch and Bulk export with Plugin(review try! swift second day session Live Design)

(This is translation of previous post)

I tried to create iOS App icon because I was inspired by Live Design Session at try! Swift second day, and also researched some useful Sketch plugins.

Create icon

Maxim created iOS app icon on "Live Design" Session at try! Swift second day so quickly and makes designing so easy.

And I have to create an iOS app icon of my private project, so I tried to create an iOS App icon to review that session.

Research Plugins

On that session, she dragged and dropped her icon into template, but it looks dull and not so efficient, so I googled about plugins and found useful plugins.

Sketch Toolbox

Sketch Toolbox is a Mac App to manage Sketch Plugins, and we can use it like Alcatraz, Xcode Plugin Manager. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160309014125p:plain f:id:nerd0geek1:20160309014141p:plain


AEIconizer is plugin for app icon bulk export.
We can export several size app icons with this plugin like below. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160309080016p:plain