How to confirm ipa/framework support 64bit or not.

I made a mistake to make my app 64bit support this week, so I wrote this post to prevent same mistakes...

At first

I checked all static libraries(.a file) in my project with this command, and replace all 32bit static libraries.

xcrun lipo -info suspiciousLibrary.a

Failed to upload ipa file to iTunes Connect...

When I tried to upload ipa file to iTunes Connect, I got error message including "Missing 64-bit support"... I investigated my project again, and noticed that I overlooked a third party framework which doesn't support 64-bit.

Bug fixed!!

I replaced overlooked framework, then apply above script to exe file within ipa file, and I finished my app 64bit support.


When you try to make your app 64bit support, you should check these things.

  • check exe file within your ipa file with xcrun command.
  • check suspicious static library/dynamic framework with xcrun command.