New Features of tvOS9.2

Apple announced several new products and so on, and I'll take up new features of latest tvOS.


The latest version of tvOS is 9.2, it's available from 2016/03/22. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323012944p:plain

New Features of it are as below.

  • Search/Suggestion Feature By Siri
  • Folder Feature
  • Voice Input Feature
  • Text Input from Apple Wireless Keyboard

Search/Suggestion Feature By Siri

Saying "Jim Carrey", f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323013800p:plain Siri suggests movies in iTunes f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323013804p:plain Saying "Popular Game App", f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323013748p:plain Siri suggests Popular Game App on App Store. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323013753p:plain If you contain "app", Siri suggests from App Store,
if you contain "music", Siri suggests from,
otherwise she suggests from iTunes Movie.

Folder Feature

We can create folders like iOS.
It's natural, but if you store tvOS app with Top Shelf into folder, you can't access app content via Top Shelf. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323014555p:plain

Voice Input Feature

I think it's most important feature for users in tvOS.
When you push Siri button during textField is focused, f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323014813p:plain Voice input dialog is displayed, and we can start voice input if we select make enable it. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323014840p:plain FYI, with Japanese(or typical language) keyboard, voice input is interpret as Japanese, f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323014832p:plain with English keyboard, voice input is interpret as English. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323014838p:plain I can't force Siri to interpret Japanese as Japanese with English keyboard.

Text Input from Apple Wireless Keyboard

I don't have Apple Wireless Keyboard, so I can't confirm this, but we can input text from it from tvOS9.2


I think that tvOS usability improve gradually with voice input, folder feature and so on, and hope spread AppleTV gradually.
Moreover, we can play video of these announcement with tvOS app Apple (Special) Event.
If you want to refer more detail, please download it. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160323015443p:plain