I introduced ReviewMonitor.

I introduced ReviewMonitor developed by LaunchKit.
ReviewMonitor automates below actions.

introduction of ReviewMonitor

Start from LaunchKit web site. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071232p:plain Search your app and select. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071237p:plain Setup with Slack/Email Account. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071240p:plain f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071243p:plain Select appropriate Slack team. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071245p:plain Setup with Slack did finished. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071249p:plain Next, setup with Twitter account. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071253p:plain Setup with Twitter account did finished. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071254p:plain At last, setup with email account. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071300p:plain Enter your email address, that's all. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071303p:plain

Notification from ReviewMonitor

My app got 5 stars review, so ReviewMonitor tweeted it automatically. f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071310p:plain I also got notification on Slack.
Notification bar color are changed by review stars.

  • 4-5 stars: green
  • 3 stars: yellow
  • 1-2 stars: red f:id:nerd0geek1:20160328071312p:plain


I think ReviewMonitor is really useful.
And LaunchKit also develops services as below and they looks useful.

  • ScreenShot Builder(App Store ScreenShot Generator)
  • App Website Builder(App Landing Page Generator)